Aquarium Water Pumps

Any aquarium owner probably knows the importance of maintaining a healthy thriving aquatic environment for their underwater animals and plants. Without it, they may eventually die out. You can keep your aquarium clean and ensure proper living conditions by investing into a good-quality aquarium water pump. When choosing one, there are several aspects to consider: pump type, filtration type, size and attachments.

Aquarium Water Pump Types

The two main types of aquarium water pumps are inline and submersible. Some newer models could combine these two types in one as well. The inline pumps stay out of the water and connect to an inlet and outlet hose to filter the water. As these pumps are air-cooled, they also dissipate less heat into the water. Inline pumps work for either free-flow or pressure setups. The submersible water pumps operate completely underwater, usually near the filter. The submersible pumps take water from the filter and return it to the aquarium. These pumps are quieter and easier to install.

Aquarium Water Pump Filtration Type

The filter selection influences the choice of the pump because not all filters are compatible with all pump types. First choose the filter and then select the water pump accordingly. Base your filter choice on the kind of fish that live in the aquarium.

Aquarium Water Pump Sizes

The aquarium water pump should be small enough to fit inside the fish tank if you use a submersible pump. Consider the location of your filter system and the position of the pump. Think whether you connect them directly or put the pump elsewhere. The farther away the water needs to go, the more powerful the pump should be.

Aquarium Water Pump Attachments

The main task of an aquarium water pump is to move water, but this need not be its only function. More complex models include some useful attachments. These include temperature regulation hardware, specialised sterilisers, water chillers and chemical skimmers. Some pumps even help to drain and refill the aquarium.