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Arai Motorcycle Helmets

The American company Arai combines safety technology, functionality and race-inspired design to bring you high-quality motorcycle helmets. The helmets are handmade and come in different sizes, shapes and styles. As the motorcycle helmets is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for any rider, you should choose one with ultimate care to ensure the perfect fit. Learn more about Arai helmets to find yours.

Arai Helmet Types

Each type of riding requires a special helmet. The street helmet models from Arai include the Vector 2, Corsair V and Signet-Q among others, while the XD-4 models are hybrids suitable for both street and trail riding. The lightweight VX-Pro helmets with their superior aerodynamics and soft interiors are best for both amateur and professional competitors.

Arai Helmet for Every Head Shape

The head shape does matter when choosing an Arai helmet for yourself. If the head shape matches that of the helmet, the latter fits perfectly. Arai offers helmets for long oval, intermediate oval and round oval head shapes. People with long oval heads benefit most from the Arai Profile and Signet-Q models that provide more space for the forehead. People with round heads feel more comfortable when wearing a Quantum-2, RX-Q or Astral-X helmet. These helmets are shorter and wider to fit a round head. Someone between the two main head shapes, round and oval, should pick an intermediate oval helmet, such as the RX-7 Corsair or the XD-4.

Fitting Arai Helmets Snugly

A snug fit is not only comfortable, but safer because in this case the helmet stays where it is supposed to be when you ride your motorcycle. The pressure should be firm and even at all contact points. Note that if you already had an Arai helmet, the newer models may not offer the same fit. Therefore, it is crucial to study the sizes and know your head measurement. When looking for a snug fit, note that the helmet should be snugly around the crown of your head, not the face, because otherwise it could become loose. The cheek pads in Arai helmets are replaceable and can conform with the face structure, so do not size the helmet according to your face.

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