Bring a taste of the past into the present with architectural and garden antiques from eBay

Smart home appliances and accessories can provide the comfort and capability of the 21st century and reshape the way you live. But going back in time for home décor inspiration opens a different route for your interior design. With thousands of options at your fingertips, you can buy antiques online from eBay that match your current look or transform your space.

Meet the materials

Old metal and brass antiques let the past in without shining too bright or bringing the mood down. With antique door handles and door knockers made from metal and brass, all it takes is a few clicks and a few screws to bring some character to your surfaces. Avoid becoming unhinged and attach intriguing characters or solid animal shapes to refresh the doors around your home.

Ceramic tiles featuring beautiful painted designs add a taste of European flair to your environment without all the hours of travel. Buy dozens and use them to cover sections of walls or reinvigorate floors in showcase rooms. Or just buy a few antique tiles to use as coasters or other decorative pieces around your space. 

If you’re looking to make a bigger splash, check out antique wooden furniture that looks as if it’s been taken straight off the set of the latest period piece Hollywood blockbuster. With gorgeous, ornate wooden antiques and architectural pieces including sconce lights, pedestals, corbels, carved statues and more, eBay has items that pay respect to the past but belong in the present.

Quality craftsmanship and breathtaking design never go out of style. Check out eBay’s collection of vintage antique home decorations today and find an appropriate piece that fits the look of your place.