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Art Deco Antiques (1925-1940)

Art Deco Antiques from 1925 to 1940

Alongside various antiques, placing Art Deco furniture from 1925 to 1940 into your living room is one way to make a bold statement in your home. While some of the oldest cost a fair bit, you can still count them as investments; after all, with proper maintenance and care, you can resell them at a later date for a good price, if trends continue. As a combination of modernist style, impeccable craftsmanship, and rich materials, Art Deco represented glamour and luxury during its prime. You can even see its influence in cinemas, skyscrapers, and old offices.


A distinctive style, Art Deco prioritises exuberance. This carries over to furniture designed during its heyday. Lounge couches with supple, vibrant emerald green leather dye can be your living rooms jewels, while a pair of vintage Art Deco round lamps or accent tables can flank both sides of the couch for decoration and utility. For functionality and style, consider the extremely rare 1940s era Stromberg Carlson air diffuser; a combination of rich hardwoods encases the brass and metal mesh that house the components. A vintage kitchen dresser adds personality with its oiled panels, contrasting dark and light wood, and silver hardware, which give it the signature sparkle and sheen of its era.


Art Deco statues from 1925 to 1940 represent the movement’s faith in technological advancement far better than the furniture ever will. For instance, likenesses of Norse or Greek gods fashioned out of contemporary materials impart more detail and style that better fits the era. Designs and figures of the human body are reproduced in stunning detail, such as that in The Slave, a small bronze statue of a man on his knees looking up at the sky with bound hands. Additionally, an antique bust sculpture from the early 1900s embodies the captivating French style with her confident yet sophisticated countenance and makes for a great conversation starter when placed onto a mantelpiece or vestibule table.


The Art Deco movement also influenced lighting fixtures and other appliances in the era. Subtle design cues in a jade lamp impart its lustre to every edge of the room, while Art Deco sconces with bold angles—like ones you’d see in The Great Gatsby film—give a room character.

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