Art Glass

Art Glass Products

Glass art is popularly associated with stained glass windows, but in reality, there are so many different kinds of art glass products you can acquire. Some of these products may have functional purposes and some may have aesthetic purposes, but many have both. Different nations in the world have produced a wide range of these fine items, all with their own characteristics.

Scandinavian Art Glass

Scandinavian art glass products are among the most popular kinds, with vases, candle holders, glasses, bowls, plates, and other similar items taking the limelight. Some popular Scandinavian brands in the art glass scene include Kosta, Orrefors, Holmegaard, and Karhula-Iittala, which come from countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. This type of art glass typically has Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences, and the post World War II vintage artworks, especially, are truly prized and regarded as collectable.

Italian Art Glass

Art glass from Italy usually refers to those from the city of Venice and the nearby island of Murano. Sought-after pieces from these areas include vases, goblets, decorative objects, and paperweights, and valuable collectables often are from the post-war era or from the era between the two world wars. Italian art glass combines a number of techniques with Renaissance, Venetian, and Mid-century Modern influences, among many others.

French Art Glass

While there are more modern pieces of French art glass, the most treasured ones are antique pieces crafted by glass artist Rene Lalique. Mostly heavily inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, Lalique crafted various items including perfume bottles, vases, bowls, tableware, clocks, and sculptures with natural motives. A lot of these items are not antique collectables, with many having the opaque, milky appearance that the craftsman favoured over the clearness of lead crystal.

Art Glass from Other Countries

Many famous art glass pieces also come from other regions such as (but not limited to) the Bohemian region, Russian, North America, Britain, and Africa. Each region carries art glass pieces with their own unique influences and themes. Some famous names from these other regions include Tiffany, Blenko, Steuben, Fenton, Caithness Glass, and Whitefriars.