• Bruno Weber: Das Kuenstlerische Lebenswerk [GER] by Helene Arnet.

    Embedded in a landscape of trees and bodies of water grow shapes and buildings, quixotic in form and color. German text. Der reich illustrierte Prachtband ermoglicht einen Einblick in die Bilderwelt des Kuenstlers und einen Rundgang durch Bruno Webers Skulpturenpark in Spreitenbach-Schweiz.
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  • The Meaning of Icons, Lossky, Vladimir & Ouspensky, Leonid, Used; Good Book

    Authors: Lossky, Vladimir & Ouspensky, Leonid. Binding: Hardcover. Condition: Used; Good. Weight: 1589 Gms. Pages: 224.
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  • Future and Memory: German Art at the Biennial in Sao Paulo, 1951-2012, , New Boo

    Condition: New. Publish Date: 04/12/2013. SKU: 3037420. Binding: Hardcover.
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  • NEW Inro : Japanese Belt Ornaments: The Trumpf Collection

    The richly illustrated publication presents about 250 Inro from the Anna and Christian Trumpf collection. These small, multipartite receptacles for seals and medicine, which were attached to a belt with the aid of a toggle (Netsuke), came into use in the sixteenth century and remained a prominent accessory in Japanese menswear until the late nineteenth century. The symbolic, often narrative decoration conveys a valuable insight into Japanese culture. Today the carefully and lovingly worked, mostly lacquered Inro enjoy enormous popularity in collectors' circles. Following the inventory of the Trumpfs' significant Netsuke collection published in 2000, another comprehensively annotated standard work on Japanese belt decoration has now arrived.
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  • NEW Erwin Eisch

    Erwin Eisch, a pioneer of the international Studio Glass movement, has helped establish the medium in Europe. His distinctively distorted glass vessels and imaginative sculptures of mould-blown glass challenge the distinctions between art forms and between realism and abstraction.
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  • Erhabene Bilder: Die Kameen in der Antikensammlung Berlin (German Edition)

    Format: Hardcover N/A. Who We Are.
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  • NEW Historical Polychromy: Polychrome sculpture in Germany and Japan

    The polychromy of a work of art is for its understanding just as important as its formal design. of pages: 576. Subject: Arts & Photography / History & Criticism / Criticism. Publish date: 7-Feb-2004.
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  • NEW Videograms : The Pictorial Worlds of Biological Experimentation as an Objec

    In the work of artist and artistic researcher Hannes Rickli, video and audio recordings originating from research in scientific laboratories (videograms) play an important role. This kind of audio-visual commodity has so far been largely neglected by artists as well as by image scientists.
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  • NEW German Art History and Scientific Thought : Beyond Formalism

    A fresh contribution to the ongoing debate between Kunstwissenschaft (scientific study of art) and Kunstgeschichte (art history), this essay collection explores how German-speaking art historians of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century self-consciously generated a field of study.
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  • NEW Mitteldeutsche Bildhauer Der Renaissance Und Des Fruhbarock

    Zu den bedeutendsten Vertretern der Floris-Renaissance in Deutschland zahlt durch seine herzoglichen Epitaphien der Gothaer Bildhauer Sebastian Gromann.
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  • NEW The Hockemeyer Collection: 20th Century Italian Ceramic Art

    The Hockemeyer Collection, which has been growing strongly for over 25 years, presents new especially selected standard works of 20th Century Italian ceramics. This volume documents the overflowing wealth of ideas, shapes, and decorative techniques used by 23 of the greatest artists of Italy between the late 1920's and the mid-80's, with which they show their affinity for the material and provide endless possibilities of expression. All pieces are individually commented on and pictured in the book using exquisite large-format photographs. English, German and Italian text.
    AU $304.83
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  • NEW <i>Illustrium Imagines</i>: Das Portratbuch der Renaissance

    This volume is dedicated to a specific kind of Renaissance publications - to books with portraits of famous people. Illustrium Imagines has become a phrase denoting the very tenet of early modern individualism as well as the phenomenon of the widespread individual popularity acquired through book illustration and prints.
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  • NEW Bilder Aus Der Schrift : Studien Zur Alttestamentlichen Druckgrafik Des 16.

    Der Bibeltext selbst erscheint nicht, er wird hochstens durch knappe Bildunterschriften ersetzt.
    AU $354.10
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  • NEW Ludwig Munstermann : Der Meister - Die Werkstatt - Die Nachfolger. Bildhaue

    Ludwig Munstermann ist die eigenwilligste Kunstlerpersonlichkeit unter den Bildhauern des sog. nord- und mitteldeutschen Manierismus. Er war von 1599-1638 mit seiner Werkstatt in Hamburg tatig und arbeitete in Stein, Holz und Alabaster, vielleicht auch in Elfenbein und Bernstein.
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  • NEW Zeichnung ALS Universelle Sprache. Werke Aus Sdostasien Und Melanesien. / D

    Es sind Arbeiten von singulärer und vielschichtiger Qualität.
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  • NEW Historical Polychromy - Historische Polychromie

    The polychromy of a work of art is for its understanding just as important as its formal design.
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  • NEW Netsuke : Four Centuries of Masterpieces

    Worn by Japanese men as sash toggles, netsuke were attracting the attenrion of Europeans by the late 19th century. Today these delightful art objects are coveted by collectors throughout the world. Netsuke motifs can be mythical beings and creatures, vernacular deities, zodiac animals, seemed exotic tot he Jpanese of the Edo and Meiji eras, as well as Dutchmen and other Europeans. Consummate mastery of the carver's craft in a variety of materials, among them boxwood, ivory, horn, hornbill, coral, tortoiseshell and lacquer, distinguishes these miniature works of art. The masterpieces created by famous carvers like Yoshimura Shuzan (1700-1773) and Ohara Mitsuhiro (1810-1878) shaped aesthetic developments in this art medium.
    AU $301.57
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  • NEW Jerusalem as Narrative Space / Erzahlraum Jerusalem

    These range from the Bible and Apocrypha, historical and hagiographical texts and legends to accounts of physical, imaginary or spiritual pilgrimage, and related images. Places in and around the city have been associated with narratives and vice versa.
    AU $578.61
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  • NEW Attisch Rotfigurige Und Schwarzgefirnisste Lekanides

    English summary: The subject of the investigation presented here is the vase shape conventionally known as lekanis. Single vessels also appear in the repertoire of important vase painters. Since with the increased production of lekanides the manufacture of pyxides declined, the lekanis probably replaced the pyxis.
    AU $279.94
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  • NEW Der Wald ALS Romantischer Topos : 5. Interdisziplinaeres Symposion Der Hoch

    Die deutsche Dichtung, die Malerei und die Musik der Romantik nehmen den Wald mit einer Vehemenz und Breite in Besitz wie nie zuvor. War er bereits in Mythos und Marchen ein Durchgangstor zum Raum vor aller Zeit (Paradies oder Totenreich), auch ein Ort der Erleuchtung oder Verirrung, so wird er nun zu einer Metapher des Seins. Naturpoetisch und/oder religios aufgeladen, dient er einem kunstlerischen Initiationskonzept. Das poetische Programm suggeriert Erlosung, doch wozu und wohin? Wird es das schlafende Lied in den Dingen, in der unberuhrten (idyllischen oder damonisch-magischen) Waldes- und Seelenlandschaft zum Klingen bringen?
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  • NEW The art of pin-up

    One big slice of cheesecake. Formidably sized, The Art of Pin-up is an impressive book that will be coveted by casual fans as well as hardcore pin-up collectors.
    AU $256.05
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  • NEW BUDDHISTISCHE KUNST : aus Tibet und Nepal

    Aided by the extensive private collection of the Fondation CL Tibet (which comprises more than 1,000 works), this richly illustrated volume provides an outstanding review of several hundred years of Buddhist art from the Himalayan region. More than 200 representative works and ritual objects - including metal statues of Buddhas, bodhisattvas, and other deities; thangkas (scrolls) and chorten (or stupas) and ornately carved book covers and Tibetan musical instruments - are both presented and described in detail against a background of iconography and art history. It also focuses in particular on the guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava, who is considered the founder of Buddhism in Tibet. For the first time after 25 years, Michael Henss presents a new and comprehensive overview of Himalayan art.
    AU $203.58
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  • NEW Passion for Meissen : Marouf Collection

    Also the small sculptural work of Johann Joachim Kaendler and co-workers is presented in detail.
    AU $212.00
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  • NEW Reverse Paintings on Glass : 100 Unpublished Paintings from Original Engrav

    Three hundred years of reverse painting on glass are presented in this richly-illustrated volume of more than 100 previously unpublished "Hinterglas" pictures.
    AU $160.22
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  • NEW Katalog Der Ostasiensammlung : Band 6: China, T'U-Jang-Z, Handschrifte

    English summary: The catalogue comprises 98,000 cards, including c. 5,000 reference cards. It is divided intoa Chinese Alphabet (c. 55,000 cards international size)a Japanese Alphabet (c. 40,000 cards), and a Korean Alphabet (c. 3,000 cards).
    AU $1,539.01
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  • NEW Mohn & Kothgasser

    This unique reference book compares the artistic glass enamels of Samuel and Gottlob Mohn with those of Anton Kothgasser. The book explores the differences and similarities in decoration and painting by showing important glasses in museums and otherwise inaccessible private collections, with never-before-seen essays, photographs and enlarged details.
    AU $155.45
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  • NEW Eric Stanton. The Dominant Wives and Other Stories

    Most keep their work and sex preferences separate, but Stanton made his desires the center of his art, pouring his passions onto the page. These preferences included, in no particular order, female dominance, female fighting, mixed gender wrestling, and face sitting.
    AU $45.18
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  • NEW Philologia Sanat : Studien Fuer Hans-Albrecht Koch Zum 70. Geburtstag

    Medizin und Literatur stehen in einem so wechselvollen wie spannenden Dialog, der in zahlreichen Studien des dem Philologen und Bibliothekar Hans-Albrecht Koch gewidmeten Bandes beleuchtet wird - von der altgriechischen Komodie uber das Volksbuch von Till Eulenspiegel zur Volksmedizin und Erfahrungsseelenkunde der Aufklarung und weiter uber Klassik und Romantik bis hin zu Autoren und Diskursen des 20./21. Jahrhunderts. Andere Essays umspielen den roten Faden mit Seitenblicken auf Fellinis Antike-Rezeption, mittelalterliche Buchkunst und Sakralskulptur, Beethovens Fidelio, Chamissos Langzeitwirkung und einen vergessenen Zuricher Zeichner. Die Linie setzt sich fort mit neuem Material zum Netzwerker Rudolf Alexander Schroder und Einblicken in die aktuelle Architektur und Hochschulpolitik.
    AU $210.16
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  • NEW Vessel | Sculpture 2 : German and International Ceramics Since 1946

    'Vessel | Sculpture' refers to the direction studio pottery has taken since the mid-20th century, developing from primarily functional vessels to artistically designed vessels, ceramic sculpture, installation and conceptual art.
    AU $145.49
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  • NEW NK Guy: Art of Burning Man by NK Guy

    NK Guy: Art of Burning Man. Title: NK Guy: Art of Burning Man. Author: NK Guy. Here, writer and photographerNK Guy presents16 years of Burning Man art. This is the surreal and amazing site ofBurning Man.
    AU $158.95
    AU $50.00 postage
  • NEW Hans Gottfried Von Stockhausen: Hans Gottfried Von Stockhausen: Das Glasbil

    Paintings made of glass, animated by light and thus ever-changing in their colour: Hans Gottfried von Stockhausen's life-work is unique in the 20th century. In his time teaching at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Stuttgart (1970 -1985) Stockhausen placed his panels as autonomous pieces of art at the heart of his oeuvre; they soon gained international recognition as "Stuttgart Glass." For the artist, they stood in growing rapport with his graphic work over fifty years, and represented a counterweight to his architecture-bound glass creations. As distinctive and invaluable contributions to modern glass-art, the works of Stockhausen have meanwhile made their way into large museums and private collections throughout the world. Text in German and English.
    AU $124.77
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  • NEW Figures : A Pictorial Journal. 1954-1971

    Text in English & German. This creativity is however mostly restricted purely to its own field. Rob Krier is an exception. Since the beginning of his career in construction, he has always seen his love of art as a vocation -- one which he nurtures parallel to his work.
    AU $139.98
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  • NEW Gemstone / Art : Renaissance to the Present Day

    Gemstones have always been, since time immemorial, heavily charged with meaning and have even been regarded as magical objects. For that reason they have also been an art medium since the early modern age and have shaped as art symbols - in the form of the crystal - both Romanticism and Modernism, for example in the works of Caspar David Friedrich, Lyonel Feininger and many more. In the latter half of the twentieth century, not only have such artists as Bernd Munsteiner, Ute Eitzenhofer and Bernhard Schobinger rediscovered the gemstone; through the Hochschule fur Edelstein und Schmuck Trier/Idar-Oberstein and other similar specialist institutions it is also undergoing a revival in today's art production - right up to Damien Hirst.
    AU $139.13
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  • Typography. Advertising. Book Design by Gerh Fleischmann

    Author: Gerh Fleischmann. Book Design. Title: Typography. Format: Hardback. Publisher: Niggli Verlag. ISBN-13: 9783721203417. ISBN-10: 3721203410. We answer within 24 hours!
    AU $93.95
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  • USED (VG) Andreas Cellarius: Harmonia Macrocosmica by Robert Van Gent

    Andreas Cellarius: Harmonia Macrocosmica. Title: Andreas Cellarius: Harmonia Macrocosmica. Author: Robert Van Gent. VG (Very Good): A book that does not look new and has been read but is in excellent condition.
    AU $989.95
    AU $50.00 postage
  • NEW German Expressionist Prints : The Specks Collection at the Milwaukee Museum

    The Specks Collection is noted for its high quality, breadth, and profound graphic power. In celebration of the gift to the museum, the collection is presented here for the first time in its entirety.
    AU $124.74
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  • NEW Die Herkulanerinnen

    Found around the year 1711 in Herculaneum, the three Roman marble statues of clothed women known as the Herculaneum Women played a key role in the definition and theoretical substantiation of Classicism. The contributions to this volume connect to form a biography of these important sculptures. They deal with their history of discovery and collection, archaeological context, art historical interpretation, and influence on subsequent antique art. Full-sized color plates show new photos of these statues after their recent renovation. Includes detailed appendices with comments, bibliography, and a list of newly identified antique copies. German text.
    AU $137.47
    AU $35.00 postage
  • NEW Erwin Eisch : Clouds Have Been My Foothold All Along Glass and Paintings

    His distinctively distorted glass vessels and imaginative sculptures of mould-blown glass challenge the distinctions between art forms and between realism and abstraction. Format: Hardback. Subject: Art & Photography / Art Forms / Pottery & Glassware.
    AU $95.95
    AU $50.00 postage
  • NEW Der Magdeburger Reiter : Bestandsaufnahme - Restaurierung - Forschung

    Der Band versammelt Beitrage namhafter Experten aus den Bereichen Restaurierung, Kunstgeschichte, Geschichte und Rechtsgeschichte, die den aktuellen Forschungsstand zum Magdeburger Reiter als bedeutende Skulptur der mittelalterlichen Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven prasentieren.
    AU $134.78
    AU $35.00 postage
  • The Japanese Experience: Inevitable (In the Floating World: Slash with a Knife,

    ButThe Japanese Experience: Inevitable reveals far more than the successful cloning of morphedmanga motifs onto stretched canvas and museum walls. Takashi Murakami'sMR. Published in association with the Ursula Blickle Foundation.
    AU $59.95
    AU $50.00 postage
  • NEW Fast Forward : Media Art - The Goetz Collection

    They span from the slow-motion images in David Claerbout's still life-like landscape portrait, "Ruurlo, Bocurloscheweg 1910," to the rhythmic-dynamic disco tempo of Wolfgang Tillmans's "Lights (Body).".
    AU $117.76
    AU $35.00 postage
  • NEW Blazes : Japanese Idol and Pilgrim Images: The Collection of Wilfried Spinn

    He founded the first Christian parishes in Tokyo and Yokohama and began to intensively teach there. Ofuda are paper amulets featuring representations of important deities, Buddhas and bodhisattvas, which were printed in and distributed from temples.
    AU $104.18
    AU $35.00 postage
  • Die Andere Familie: Repraesentationskritische Analysen Von Der Fruehen Neuzeit B

    Subject: Art / History / General.
    AU $156.29
    From United Kingdom
    AU $12.50 postage
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