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Artists' Canvas Rolls

As one of the most versatile mediums at the artist’s disposal, canvas is a must have for a range of projects. Rather than buying a canvas that is already on a board, though, it’s sometimes more economical and efficient to purchase canvas rolls for your art supply kit. These rolls begin at just one metre and go up to over 30 metres, so it depends on how much the artist uses canvas in their workshop. From the roll, you’re able to cut off pieces as you need them and to suit different projects.

Different Lengths

When you purchase artist canvas rolls, you have the choice of purchasing by the metre or the entire roll. Depending on the art you’re creating, either might work best for you, or you could have a whole roll at your disposal to use different lengths as you wish. Artists are able to use canvas stretcher bar frames of varying dimensions to stretch the canvas out to suit their projects, so the length can be quite flexible.

Types of Canvas

Within the realm of canvas, there are many different varieties that best suit the type of art you’re creating. Primed canvas rolls are ready for painting and require no extra work, and unprimed rolls allow the artist to apply their own primer to suit their needs. Cotton and linen are the two most common types of canvas, thanks to their compatibility with most kinds of paint.

For Beginners and Professionals

Having a canvas roll is ideal for beginner artists, as it means you have a lot of space to work with. You can cut the material from the roll and pin it to your stretched canvas board to experiment with colours and paint styles, and if you like the end result, you can frame it. Professional artists generally prefer working with a roll of canvas if they mass produce their art and need a constant supply of their favourite medium.

Premium Artists Canvas Rolls

If you’re searching for premium canvas rolls for more than just experimentation, you can find them in a variety of materials. Acid-free, medium grain and double primed are a few of the features to look for in a premium canvas roll, but you can expect a bigger price tag for these.

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