Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

Asian Ball Jointed Dolls

Modern Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (or ABJD or BJD) have been in production in Japan, South Korea and China since the early 2000s. These dolls are popular with collectors worldwide for their lifelike appearance and the ability not just to change and collect different clothes, but also to customise with hair wigs, eyes - and even different faces, hands and feet on some dolls.

What ABJDs Made Of and How Big Are They?

Ball jointed dolls are, of course, not new. European doll manufacturers have been making them since the nineteenth century with various materials and mechanisms. The first manufacturer of the modern Asian ball jointed dolls, a Japanese company called Volks, soon gave way to a number of other companies in Asia. The size and materials that work well for Modern Asian ball jointed dolls are usually as follows:

  • Materials: ABJDs are initially moulded in clay and then cast in polyurethane resin or PVC, a hard plastic with similar aesthetics and properties to porcelain but less breakable. Some BJDs are made from vinyl. The individual body components of each doll is secure using strong elastic cords at the articulated joints to give the doll added flexibility and allow it to be placed in different postures and positions, including free standing.
  • Sizes: The sizes of Asian ball jointed dolls range from 25 centimetres (10 inches) to 60 centimetres (24 inches). ABJDs are often built with anatomically correct features and available in both genders and unisex dolls. Dolls are manufactured in baby, teenager and adult forms.

What Features and Accessories Are There?

While the overall appearance of an ABJD is recognisable by their stylised animated appearance with large oversized eyes a number of features are interchangeable. It is this ability to customise an Asian Ball Jointed doll that often attracts collectors, fans and hobbyists.

  • Wigs: Asian ball jointed doll wigs attach by Velcro for easily changing styles and are available in every hair colour and style around - straight and sleek, curly, long, short or bobbed.
  • Eyes: Different coloured eye types and colours are available in glass, acrylic, silicone or urethane.
  • Clothing: €Outfits and clothing manufactured for ABJDs come in fashion styles from casual, to evening to fantasy wear including very realistic shoes and other doll accessories.