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Audi Car and Truck Wheel and Tyre Packages

Wheels and tyres have a huge influence on speed, handling and fuel consumption. Audi car and truck wheel and tyre packages are an excellent choice for those who change tyres seasonally and wish to get the most out of their vehicle. When sold together, wheels and tyres ensure maximum compatibility, helping Audi owners match the equipment with their car or truck. Choosing the right package involves a deeper analysis of the products and an assessment of their features to arrive at a decision.

Audi Wheels and Tyres Together

A package combining wheels and tyres isn't that common, but is usually offered for a good reason. High-performance tyres bundled with light wheels may be offered as a sports upgrade. Alternatively, a wheel-tyre combo can be intended to prepare your Audi car or truck for freezing weather. Snow tyres paired with heavier wheels are an excellent choice for those in harsh climates.

Changing Wheel Size

Audi car and truck wheel and tyre packages are a popular choice for those who want to change wheel size. Adding larger wheels is possible on some Audi models, but will sometimes require changing additional suspension and steering parts. Some wheel and tyre packages even state which models they are compatible with, to ensure safe and efficient use.

Tyre Packages

To select an appropriate Audi tyre package, you need to know more than your wheel size. Audi specifications include recommendations for tyre size, speed rating and load rating for each car and truck model. An unknown brand tyre package might have an appealing price, but on a high-performing vehicle such as an Audi, it's important to have tyres which will not compromise comfort, handling or braking.

Wheel Packages

When selecting Audi wheel packages, size and materials are the main considerations. Wheels made of steel, aluminium and titanium are all available and provide different durability, weight and aesthetic appeal. Steel offers the widest range of choices, including models with added nickel and chrome for enhanced looks. Some packages even include Audi hub caps that further improve the looks of your vehicle.

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