Listen to audiobooks on the go

Let your mind wander into worlds of fantasy and mystery, or learn all about a subject so fascinating it feels like another world when you indulge in a fabulous audiobook.

If you can't find the time to sit down with a good book or magazine, or you have kids that would rather watch YouTube for hours on end, then an audiobook is a great way to sort this out.

Available on CD, with many including a free MP3, these are the perfect way to bring a story into your life while you carry out your day.

Biography and memoir

Whether you're after celebrity biographies, memoirs or something with a bit of gossip, there is likely to be an audiobook to listen too.

Here you'll find an extensive collection of non-fiction biographies written about some of the most influential people of our times, sitting alongside memoirs by some controversial figures, all bursting with juicy information.

CD audiobooks are handy to pop into the player in the car and indulge yourself on the way to work. Now you can finally listen to something you've been meaning to read for ages.

Fiction and Literature

If you love getting lost in magical worlds, the fiction and literature section will fill you with everything from fantasy to mystery and everything in between.

There are audiobooks ranging from Shakespeare's most famous plays and some of the literature world's biggest hits, to a collection of Doctor Who and James Bond audiobooks.


If your children refuse to pick up a book, then give them a digital alternative. There are a variety of children's audiobooks to choose from to suit their interests.

With many novels that have since been turned into blockbuster films available on audiobook, they're guaranteed to find something to interest them. Many come with a free MP3 so they can stick it on their smartphone or tablet and listen to it on long journeys.

No matter what you're looking for, whether it's a story or something from the self-help or history collection, you'll find that perfect audiobook on eBay.