Audio Media Accessories: A Musical Legacy

Do you need to stock up on your audio media accessories? You're in luck. With eBay you can get everything you need in one easy to use place.

CD storage

There are a number of options for storing your CDs. You could get CD pockets that will keep your CDs dust and scratch-free; a CD wallet in a variety of sizes and designs (such as The Simpsons or plain black); or even a hanging CD display pocket – if you've moved on to digital music but still want to show off your beloved Bon Jovi CD collection.

Vinyl accessories

If you love to take a step back in time to the days of vinyl, you'll find inner covers, vinyl cleaning cloths, sleeves for large and small records, and even record players. Want to show off your vinyl records? There are art vinyl play and display frames that you can hang on the wall – giving you an art piece and a handy storage spot for your record at the same time.

Cassette tapes

Protect your past with cassette tape holders – some of these are made from wood and are lockable with a carry handle, others are simple plastic, but they'll keep your cassette tapes safe. Because cassette tapes are generally no longer manufactured for music purposes, most of these products are considered to be vintage by nature, so if you love collectables, keep your eye out.

The beauty about shopping online is that you're bound to find items you won't find elsewhere, so browse through the selection to see what's there. You'll find plenty of retro and vintage products for keeping and protecting your music, and even some items that you can use to make your own music, such as a portable digital studio workstation. You never know what will come up in the audio media accessories search on eBay.