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Auscision HO Scale Locomotives

Auscision HO 421 Class Locomotive

Add to your collection or start a new one with an Auscision model train. Be the envy among other locomotive enthusiasts when this engine connects to your HO class tracks. Finding a quality replica engine that is ready roll will provide many years of enjoyment and reminders of why you love this hobby in the first place.

The Design

This train engine replicates the 1960’s era Australian locomotives. Boasting a curved front-end nose with a split window, and a single headlamp gives the experience of seeing this model in motion. Along the sides, you will find porthole windows that beckon you see if you actually can see the operators.

The Livery

With an Indian Red and Golden Yellow livery, stripes and the colour contrast make this model look as if it is in motion when it is not. The livery displayed on this engine provides an accurate display of each element, whether used for communication or colour contrast. This addition to your tracks or bookshelf provides a striking display of a workhorse engine that spanned several decades across the Australian landscape.


Built to last through the life of your collection, this heavy diecast model is worth the investment. The manufacturers spared no detail when creating this piece, including features like metal etched mirrors and windscreens. With a combination of metal and plastic elements that look like the real thing, this replica engine brings style and enjoyment to collectors.

On Board

The Auscision HO 421 Class Locomotive can easily have its parts replaced; even the 5-pole skew wound motor. Detailed engineer operators figurines at the helm provide views of proportional scale that can leave you imagining yourself as an operator for a day or two. In addition to the HO scale model train locomotives, check out the">OO scale model trains for comparison.