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Auscision Model Trains

All aboard! Model trains are not just for little kids. Big kids love to assemble, design and run model trains along the rails. Although the most important part of the setup is the train itself, you also need to have the tracks to run on, the workers to run the train, and the station where people load and unload. To give your passenger's something to look at while travelling, add trees, rivers, houses, and lots and lots of natural scenery along the way.


In order to make the train go, you have to have a locomotive. Pull your cars with a VIC T Class or a sleek SA AN Class locomotive. The realistic engines have exquisite details, looking and feeling like the real thing. In fact, Auscision models come sound ready with speaker enclosures for easily fitting sound devices. You never have to miss a single “chugga-chugga choo-choo.”

Railcars and Passenger Trains

A model railroad would not be complete without the railcars. Passenger cars come in a wide assortment of sizes and designs. Scale size, metal knuckle couplers connect each car to the next, so you are able to make the train as long as you want.

Freight Cars

Not all trains are made for people; some are put together to carry freight and consumer goods from one location to another. Open, flat and box cars can be used together to put a train together. To make it look more real, consider adding actual freight in the cars.

HO Scale Model Trains

Auscision is best known for its HO scale model trains. Every railway enthusiast has a favourite gauge and knows that no matter which scale you pick, be it HO, OO, or N, every part that makes up your station and railway needs to be at the same scale. If not scaled to size, it won't look very realistic. You don't want your bridges to overpower the engine or vice versa.

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