Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Buying Model Trains

For those who are just getting into the hobby of collecting model trains, it's best to start small and start slow. Like any hobby, it's a good idea to find out more about what's involved before throwing lots of money at a new train collection. Start by doing a little research, reading magazines, books and websites dedicated to model trains. This can help collectors know what to look for - and what to avoid.

Above all, condition is the most important factor. Model trains have to run, and they have to run well. When looking at buying new pieces, it's also important to check whether they have their original parts and packaging, as this can greatly affect the value. The brand will also affect the value and the quality of the piece. Well-known brands will usually hold their value better than those that no one has heard of. Then - before buying anything - decide on a scale. The most popular scale in HO, but there are other options out there.

Now it's time to invest in that first locomotive. Invest in good quality, as this will affect later decisions as the rest of the landscape develops. It's also recommended to invest in a good quality power supply to avoid problems later on down the line. Alternatively, there is the option of getting a starter kit, featuring all the important elements to get started in the hobby.

Austrains Model Trains

Love collecting model trains? When it comes to collecting model trains, most collectors want the best. The best quality workmanship, the best quality materials, the best reproductions. Well-known within the industry, Austrains is Australia's leading manufacturer of HO scale model railway equipment, producing high quality, HO scale model railway locomotives, passenger carriages and freight rollingstock. Check out the wide range of Austrains model trains on eBay to find HO scale steam locomotives and HO scale electric locomotives , and expand that collection today!

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