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Australian Army Militaria

Australian Army Militaria

Militaria is a term that refers to military artefacts or replica pieces of military equipment. Collectors often prize militaria because of its rarity and historical significance. The most common Australian Army military collectibles are pieces of military clothing, WW2-era knives, and replica handguns. Military insignia and officer uniforms are slowly becoming more and more popular within the militaria community.

Why do People Purchase Australian Army Militaria?

Australian Army militaria continues to be extremely popular amongst military historians and Australian collectors. In Australia, army gear and military clothing is often available as Australian Army surplus collectibles.

  • Pride in Australia: Australian army militaria is extremely popular amongst both veterans and people who are passionate about the Australian Armed Forces,
  • Display Items: Interior decorators and living space enthusiasts often purchase militaria items as a centrepiece for display.
  • Valuable to Collectors: Because of their rarity, Australian Army military artefacts from historical or active fields of combat are especially valuable to collectors.

What Are the Most Valuable Australia Army Militaria Items?

As the militaria community grows, there are a number of items that are particularly popular for their rarity and historical significance.

  • Fairbairn and Sykes Commando Knife: This double-edged knife came from two British commandos, William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes, for use in close quarters. The Fairbairn and Sykes Commando Knife is a valuable militaria item since the Australian commandos adopted it.
  • Australian Army Uniform: Hats, boots, field trousers and camouflage garments are highly valuable militaria items.
  • Australian Army Kit Webbing: Despite being a ubiquitous piece of equipment, Australian Army kit webbing and ammo pouches are popular militaria pieces not just for their design, but also for their utility.

Where are Australian Army Militaria Items From?

Whether youre looking at replica militaria items or genuine military artefacts, its important that you have a conceptual understanding of the origins of your Australian Army militaria.

  • Replica pieces: Most Australian Army replica pieces resemble items from World War 2 or the Vietnam War.
  • Artefacts: As museums often have first access to Australian Army artefacts; it can be difficult to find items from Australias lesser-known and more recent wars. Therefore, the majority of militaria artefacts available to public enthusiasts are from World War 1 or World War 2.

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