In this world of hi-tech, fast consumerism, where nothing is made to last, you might be pleased to know that coin collecting is back in vogue. The advantages of a coin collection are many. Its easy to buy coins, and collections can be started on a low budget. Over time, coins can gain value for when you want to sell them down the track. Collecting rare Australian coins from eBay gives you the enjoyment of immersing yourself in significant events in our history while also potentially paying off in the end.

Easy to store

If you are looking for something to collect, collecting Australian coins is a great place to start. You are familiar with your currency, and collections can be created from coins in circulation as well as specially minted coins at low cost. A coin collection is also easy to maintain. Many coins come packed in plastic or perspex casing, so you can view the coin and its detail without having to touch its surface. You can also store your coin collection easily. Coins are small and flat. For the same reason, you can also buy Australian notes to add to your collection. They, too, are easy to store. Coins and notes can be framed so your friends and family can share your passion for collecting them.

Coins gain value

Collecting coins can even lead to financial reward. Over time, the coins you collect can gain value. If you later decide that collecting Australian coins and notes is not for you, you can sell your collection and maybe get some of your investment back. There are books and websites that guide the investment value of Australian coins. So grandads coins might be a good place to start! Rare Australian coins, like a round silver 50 cent piece, can be worth over $50.00. And pre-decimal pennies are worth much more than pennies!

Let eBay help you add to your coin and note collection today.