Australian Collectable Flags

Australian Collectable Flags

Despite a relatively short history since the Federation of Australia, there are a surprisingly large number of Australian collectable flags. From the green-and-gold Boxing Kangaroo flag to the Southern Cross and Union Jack, you can find flags that represented the nation both in the past and the present day.

Which Australian Collectable Flags Are Available?

In addition to Australias national flag that features the Union Jack, the seven-point Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross, each of Australias states and territories also have their own flags.

  • Most of Australias states feature the Union Jack on their flags, except for the flag of the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.
  • The external territories of Christmas Island, the Cocos Islands and Norfolk Island all have their own flags with symbols of local significance.
  • You can also find a range of flags used to represent the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Forces.

Which Indigenous Australian Flags Are Available?

Australias Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have their own flags to represent them.

  • The Australian Aboriginal flag is black and red with a yellow circle in the middle and designed in 1971 by Luritja man Harold Thomas.
  • The Torres Strait Islander flag is blue and green to represent the land and water of the Torres Strait. Bernard Namok designed it in 1992.
  • In addition to Australias indigenous flags, you can also find the Australian South Sea Islanders flag, designed in 1994 by Tony Burton, which recognises the descendants of Pacific Islanders transported to Australia in the 19th century as labourers.

What Should I Look For When Buying Australian Collectable Flags?

For some people, collecting Australian flags is about the representation of each flag, while for others, it is about finding rare vintage or antique flags.

  • If you want to fly the flag on a flagpole, make sure it has a canvas head and grommets at the hoist end and made from a material that will withstand winds.
  • Check if the flag has print on both sides or whether its a wall hanging.

You can also find Australian flag patches that are ideal for sewing onto a backpack to represent your country when travelling abroad, and Australian flag towels that are perfect for the beach.