Australian Dolls

Australian dolls

Beautiful and often highly detailed, Australian dolls are cute and highly collectable. Perfect as a gift for a little girl or boy, they make fantastic toys, often complete with a number of cute outfits and accessories.

Australian dolls include the handmade, Charlie Bear. These bears are fully jointed, allowing you to move the arms and legs to have them assume different poses and sit in different places around the house. They come in many different forms of animal, but are all referred to as bears. Or perhaps you would like a tiny posable Kewpie doll complete with a crochet leaf outfit.

Animal dolls are also a popular choice of Australian doll. As a country known for its diverse range of wildlife, theres a number of different stuffed animal dolls to choose from, from indigenous species such as the koala to more exotic animals such as the giraffe.

One of Australias most famous exports is the Wiggles. Many characters from this beloved childrens show along with their presenters are immortalised in soft plush doll form. These colourful characters will be loved by any young child, whether they are aware of the show or not.


For those looking more for a collectible item can explore the range of porcelain Australian dolls. These delicate dolls can range in colour and size, from realistic looking babies to more regal looking adult dolls. These are not intended as toys as they are made from a more delicate and breakable material, which also means their price range is usually much higher.

Whatever doll you are looking for, be it for a child to play with or to add to a collection, there will be an Australian doll for you. From lifelike dolls to educational and fun toys to miniature dolls, all are available with playful and colourful clothes and accessories.