AFL Trading cards

There are a number of Australian Football League cards that would be a perfect addition to any collector. And the very first AFL trading card was produced before the 1900s in conjunction with Goodwin & Co’s Old Judge Cigarettes.

Where they came from

AFL trading cards, which are also known as Footy Cards, is a card meant to be traded and relates to Australian football rules. But, it was only after the 1900’s that the cards started to include a section for signatures and autographs. This would later bump up the value of these cards and lead to more signatures across other trading cards. The company Select released a set of hall of fame edition trading cards, which caused a surge in interest. Ever since the introduction of social media for better awareness, the interest in AFL trading cards has skyrocketed once again.

Where to find them

In the last couple of years, the AFL has been a popular name searched on eBay. The market for eBay trading cards has boomed. You can find your favourite names, from Andrew Mackie to a rare 1998 Stephen Kernahan signed trading card.