Richmond Football Club

The Richmond Football Club players have all together racked up an impressive history within the VFA and the AFL. They were established in 1885 and competed in the VFA until 1907, winning 2 premierships along the way. 

Their history with the AFL

Since joining the AFL in 1908, the Richmond football club has continued to impress those in the footy world. They were given the nickname the “Tigers”. And between the years of 1908 and 2020, the Tigers have won another 13 premierships and established themselves as one of the dominant clubs to beat. This fact was further solidified by the induction of five of their players into the Hall of Fame and given the extra honour of being called a “Legend”. The names of those superstar players are Kevin Bartlett, Jack Dyer, Royce Hart, Kevin Sheedy and Ian Stewart. 

Activism efforts off the field

Not only is the Richmond Football team a group of highly skilled players, but they are also one of the most proactive teams in the league when it comes to tackling issues like racism and unsportsmanlike conduct. They had sacked a player that used foul language, which made an effective statement about how the club sees themselves. And since 2008, the Tigers have hosted the Korin Gamadji Institute, which is a leadership and wellness program provided for young indigenous children. They continue to be a shining example of what teams in the AFL should be doing to help stop racism within the sport. The Richmond Football team led the charge and became the first club to present at the United Nation Permanent Forum on Indigenous issues.