Adelaide Football Club players

When it comes to choosing the best players from other incredible players, it can be a tough decision. But, the Adelaide Football Club has no shortage of talented players who were deserving of that title. 

The best of the best

In the last 30 years, the Adelaide Football club has produced some of the best football talent the sport has seen. There was an executive panel formed in order to make this decision and was spearheaded by John Reid, the Crows Heritage Committee Chairman. The list began with the most popular name; Andrew McLeod who was awarded the dual-Norm Smith Medal. The next names were Tony Modra, Mark Ricciuto, Mark Bickley and Malcolm Blight.

2021 Club Champion

The name Rory Laird is one that is known throughout the football world. This year, Laird was awarded the 2021 Malcolm Blight award and went on to become the seventh player in Crows history to be given the title of Adelaide’s Club Champion. Averaging 32 disposals, 6.8 clearances and approximately six tackles per game, Laird is deservedly being recognized for all of the work he’s done to better himself and the sport of football.