Footy Card Mania Is Here, Get Your Cards Today!

Are you a collector of footy cards? Did your collection start because it was handed down to you from a member of your family, after being passed down to them? Or are you simply a huge fan of footy and started your own? Everyone collects something, and depending on how serious you take it, trading cards can become quite a valuable hobby, not just from the fun of it, buy financially too.

Since the first AFL club formed in South Australia in 1860 followed by Queensland in 1866 it has grown in popularity and became the iconic 'Aussie Rules', indigenous to Australia. To honour this iconic game and the men who played it and inspired many a young man, the 'footy card' was created.

About Footy Cards

  • Pre-1900 - The very first card printed was in the late 1880's in conjunction with Goodwin & Co's Old Judge Cigarettes. 1894 produced a set including Essendon play Bill Creddin which sold for $10,110 in 2018
  • 1900-20 – WD & HO Wills issued a set of cards in 1905 as did Sniders & Abrahams featuring scenes of matches in 1908 and 1910 in full colour
  • 1920-30 – the distinctive set was the 1922 McIntyre Bros cards featuring a tartan design.
  • 1930-50 – saw several companies produce and release sets of footy cards as caricatures and photos.
  • 1950-90 – common for footy cards to be sold in conjunction with bubble gum and other confectionary. One of the most popular sets produced is the 1963 Scanlan's card set, including Graham "Polly" Farmer, which became rare due to a printing defect. 
  • 1990-Present – packets started to include signature cards, spectacular marks, premiership coaches and the 100th season Hall of Fame set.

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