The Making of the Magpies

The Collingwood Football Club was founded way back in the 1890s when Collingwood locals demanded a senior team for their town. At the time, the closest thing to a football team in the area was a junior club called Britannia who played at Victoria Park and were more closely related with Fitzroy, who had their own senior team founded in 1883. 

What about us? 

Letters to local papers began flooding in, urging citizens and politicians to push for a senior team. At this time, Collingwood had a reputation for being a scrappy city made up of proud blue-collar workers who wanted representation on the field and respect from the rest of Melbourne, and it was with their drive and determination that the Collingwood Football Club was founded.

Cult figures of Collingwood

The black and white army has seen its share of football heroes—whether it’s the hair, their way of interacting with the fans, or the way they catch a kick, some players just have a lasting effect on the fans. Graeme ‘Jerker’ Jenkin was one of those Collingwood players who brought out the fun in footy with his larger-than-life attitude, first stepping foot on the field at Victoria Park in 1962. Rupert Betheras was another, more recent, fan favourite making his Collingwood debut in 1999, winning the Harry Collier Trophy as well as the Wrecker Award, for his efforts on the field. Has another favourite from days gone by? Find vintage Australian Football League trading cards from rookies to champions on eBay.