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Got one to sell?

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Australian Light Horse WWI Collectables (1914-1918)

Australia played a huge role in the First World War. Our Light Horsemen were among the most successful groups in the entire war, and people across the world remember and commemorate them. WWI collectables (1914-1918) are extremely popular and many seek to own a piece of that history. Those from the Australian Light Horsemen are even more popular than most.

Australia in WWI

Again, Australia played a disproportionate role in WWI. Even though the country wasn’t threatened itself, its troops still travelled half way around to world to defend the Allies in Europe. For their contribution, collectors across the world are always searching for Australian WWI collectables.

Weapons and Equipment

Some of the most popular WWI collectables are genuine weapons and other equipment that actually saw front-line warfare. Australian Light Horse bayonets are quite rare (mainly due to their small numbers) and can be difficult to find. Other weapons and equipment can be more common, but this will depend on the piece that you want.

Badges and Medallions

WWI medals (1914-1918) are among the most valuable war memorabilia items. Not only are they old, but they also represent a time of success in Australia’s military history. Collectors everywhere are always on the lookout for Australian WWI collectible badges and medallions. These are quite rare and hard to find, largely due to the fact that they often remain in a family for generations.

Finding Genuine Items

Unfortunately, there are many people out there who will do their best to make money out of our war heroes. They produce imitation items, which mimic the real thing, sometimes flooding the market with relatively good quality forgeries. If you aren’t an experienced collector, you need to be careful to make sure that you are buying genuine items. If you aren’t, then make sure you don’t pay too much!

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