Protect your car and keep that shiny new-car look with Autoglym, available on eBay! 

Keeping your car shiny and new-looking may seem like a chore, only for the car enthusiast, or for someone with a brand new car in their first few months of ownership, yet with the right Autoglym products it doesn't take long. 

Let's be honest, a nice shiny car does look schmick, yet there are many reasons to use Autoglym on your car. A protected, newer looking coat of paint helps keep the value of your car if you plan to re-sell down the track. By keeping your car's coat protected it can aid in car rust prevention, remove acids from bird droppings or tree sap and will stop their corrosive nature eating into your paint job. 

Founded in 1965, Autoglym originally only supplied auto industry professionals including vehicle manufacturers, distributors, body shops, professional valeting companies and transport operators. Their products continued to develop over this time and their range expanded to include specialty items for bikes and trucks. In 1991 Autoglym received a Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales and the following year a Warrant from The Queen Mother, high praise for car maintenance products. 

This continued for over 20-years until constant requests for Autoglym products by the public led them to release a consumer range of car care cleaning products. From soft car wash, long lasting waxes and sealants as well as everything you need to keep your paintwork looking like new, you can now take advantage of the Autoglym professional range yourself, which is available on eBay. 

And it's not just polishes and shampoos, Autoglym supply air fresheners, glass cleaners, resins to help remove scratches, tyre cleaners and much much more. 

Keep your car clean and looking new, visit eBay and grab the right Autoglym products for your vehicle.