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Automatic Cappuccino and Espresso Machines

Australians know their coffee - and they only want the good stuff. But barista-made coffee can be expensive, costing as much as $35 for a week's worth of coffee on that rushed run to the office. That works out at an incredible $1820 a year! To save money, many coffee lovers make their own coffee at home. But while instant coffee is certainly better than it used to be, it's still not up to the standard of some coffee aficionados. The solution? An automatic coffee maker.

Automatic coffee makers come in various shapes and sizes. There is the drip coffee machine, the espresso machine and the coffee capsule machine. Perhaps more popular in the United States than over here, the drip coffee machine allows hot water to drip through a filter full of coffee grounds, to then collect in a coffee jug on a hot plate below. An espresso machine is similar to the larger models used by baristas in coffee shops, forcing hot water through coffee grounds, to create a single or double shot of espresso. These machines can also feature their own milk steamer, for those who love a latte. Lastly, there is the coffee capsule machine. Perhaps the most famous version of this is the Nespresso automatic cappucino and espresso machines that have ballooned in popularity in recent years. These are very easy to use, and offer a range of options in their coffee capsules.

Buying a Coffee Machine

To save money while still getting that hit of caffeine in the morning, an automatic coffee machine is a must-have. Home to some of the biggest and best brands in home appliances, eBay is the place to buy automatic cappuccino machines and coffee machines. Check out the various brands on offer and compare the features each model provides. Read up on a few online reviews and buy the perfect coffee machine for that perfect cup of coffee!

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