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Automatic Coffee Makers

Nothing gets you started in the morning like that first cup of coffee fresh from the coffee maker. After driving the percolator from its dominance in the market, automatic coffee makers became the most common way to produce your morning brew. French presses and percolators never quite disappeared, but most homes rely on the ease of instant coffee.

Understanding Automatic Coffee Makers

Automatic coffee makers work by siphoning water up from a reservoir and heating it before spraying it over the grounds. The water then drips through the grounds, through a filter and then down into the carafe. It's a simple process that produces a smooth and consistent brew every time, whether you brew a full pot or single cup.

Maker Materials

No matter what the style of your kitchen, you can find a coffee maker to fit it. For a classic style you may want to look at an aluminium coffee maker. Not only do they look good on your counter, but they can also brew excellent coffee which is what matters first thing in the morning. Glass coffee makers are another option, especially the plunger models or french presses.

Choosing a Coffee Maker

When choosing a coffee maker, it always helps to figure out what matters most to you. Check out a good brand like DeLonghi and see what they offer. You may want a larger reservoir, or perhaps a built-in grinder so that every cup is fresh-ground. Add a milk frother for cappuccino.

Coffee Maker Accessories

For the true coffee aficionado there are all sorts of accessories that can add to your enjoyment of the coffee experience. First, there is the coffee grinder; that way you can grind your own beans right before you brew them. Second, you may want to look into a thermal carafe, so your coffee stays warm without cooking on the heating element. The more you like your coffee, the easier it is to find something new to add to your coffee nook.

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