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BLACK + DECKER Power Drills

As tools, drills may go back millennia, but Black + Decker power tools have been around in one form or another since 1917. Starting with the first electricity powered drill, Black + Decker has been producing quality power tools ever since. In addition to the classic power drill, there are a couple of other options to consider based on your needs.

Impact Driver

Relatively new to the range of power drills, impact drivers are not quite hammer drills, and much more powerful than regular drill drivers. In addition to the impact action, they have a great deal of torque power. This allows them to drive long, large screws that would be difficult to install with a normal drill. Impact drivers are appropriate for projects such as building decks and other tasks that require lots of long screws.

Hammer Drill

Black + Decker offers both cordless and corded hammer drills. Hammer drills utilise a short thrusting action that is essentially rapid hammering. Hammer drills are primarily used for concrete and masonry, and are not a good option for driving screws into wood. You may find a Black + Decker drill that has a hammer drill option. This multi-use drill would be appropriate for drilling screws as well as hammer drilling.

Power Rating

The power rating for Black + Decker drills directly relates to the amount of torque they produce. In general, an 18V power rating will meet most DIY needs. But, what about the wattage number? Black + Decker produces drills that range between 450W and 750W. In general, 450W will be fine for most at-home uses. If you are buying a hammer drill though, you may want to opt for a higher-powered motor.

Battery Power

Cordless drills offer the convenience of movement. You do not need to bother with working near an electrical outlet or finding extension cords with a cordless drill. At the same time, the battery pack for a cordless drill is bulky and can be costly to replace. You may also find that you need to keep an extra battery pack on hand so you never run out of power. Corded drills provide a greater amount of torque, or twisting force, making them appropriate for tougher jobs.

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