Calling All BMW Drivers

Accessorise in style with BMW emblems for your vehicle. Whether you drive the latest generation fresh off the lot, or put your blood, sweat and tears into restoring a golden oldie, find what your finishing touches on eBay. 

History of the BMW Logo

Believe it or not, the origin story of the BMW logo has been a hot topic for years—and all because of a publicity stunt. 

BMW, aka Bayerische Motoren Werk or Bavarian Motor Works, was first established in 1917 born out of an aircraft engine manufacturer. The very first BMW logo launched in October of that year with the traditional black ring around the logo with the company’s name in neat font. The blue and white checked colours are actually the official colours of Bavaria, a southern region of Germany. It has long been a debate whether the circular logo represents the spinning of an airplane propeller, a call back to the company’s origins in aircraft engineering—but this has been dismissed as myth.

The Machine and Its Myth

1929 saw the oncoming of a global economic crisis. It also saw the release of a BMW ad that featured a clip of the BMW logo spinning in the propeller of a plane, an attempt to advertise the company’s building a new aircraft engine. This ad fit so well into the company’s image and roots that many people took it to be an origin story, when it was really just brilliant marketing!

Now BMW is one of the most recognizable logos (and car manufacturers) on the roads today! You can shop BMW emblems, decals and stickers or even steering wheels and covers to represent the iconic blue and white check on your own vehicle.