BMW Car and Truck Wheels

Keep moving in style with BMW car and truck wheels

The most important part of your car isn’t the engine, it’s not the transmission, it’s not the suspension or the body or even the paint job. The only thing between you and the open road are those four rubber tyres and wheels. They control the engine’s power, they utilise the ability of the brakes, and they determine how tight your vehicle takes that sharp turn. The size of the wheels directly affect how these functions perform, so whatever size BMW car and truck wheels you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the right fit here on eBay.

How to select BMW car and truck wheels

Wheels, also known as rims, are mounted to the vehicle’s axle and used to support the tyre. They come in a range of metals from lightweight to more heavy duty use. Alloy wheels are a great look on a car and due to their lightweight nature, are perfect for speed. They’re also more corrosion resistant than steel, but are not good for harsh terrain. Chrome wheels are polished to a high shine, making a statement. However, they will require a regular clean and polish to keep them looking their best. Steel rims are heavy, sturdy, and lower the center of gravity of the car. Best for snow and difficult terrain, they’re not a good fit if you feel the need for speed and they’re also less customisable. Wire or spoke rims are highly customisable and very light, but can be more fussy to clean. Always be sure to measure your existing wheels for width, diameter, backspace, offset, and take note of the bolt pattern to ensure the right fit. Always check with BMW’s manufacturer instructions and take note of the tyre size to select the correct BMW car and truck wheels for your vehicle.

If BMW car and truck wheels aren’t suitable, you may want to check out the range of car and truck wheels or even the list of Valiant car and truck wheels available. Don’t spin your wheels, update your vehicle and display your personality with the great range of BMW car and truck wheels on eBay today.