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Universal BURY Mobile Phone Mounts and Holders

With many mobile phone mounts and holders available, it can be difficult to determine the one that would best suit your needs and personal tastes. It is important to consider both the type of phone you have and how you use it. For example, people who only want to use their mobile for GPS while driving may not care about Bluetooth capabilities for phone calls. Likewise, even with universal models, one should always check dimensions for compatibility. Various mounts and holders also allow people to have a more customised experience.


As with any universal product, be sure that the dimensions match your mobile. Even different models of the same brand phone can vary in width, height, and length. Your protective phone case may also have an impact on the size of mount or holder you may need. Otherwise, you may have to take your phone out of its case every time you are in the car. BURY mobile phone car mounts and holders/a> are adaptable to any smartphone, but it is always important to check.


The universal BURY mobile phone mount and holder securely grips your smartphone, while an attached arm suctions to the dashboard or windshield. The mobile can rotate from portrait to landscape. Because it only uses a suction cup, setup is easy and requires no tools. The BURY universal mobile phone mount securely holds your phone in place, so that you do not have to worry about it.

Cradles and Plates

With many BURY mobile phone holders, there are plate options. This is usually specific to a certain make and model of phone, but these have more features. Cradles hug the phone and are adjustable, so they the most common in universal models.


With added accessories, you can connect to a Bluetooth and charge your phone. Bluetooth hands free devices also allow for easy use of your mobile phone without the distraction. Many chargers use cigarette lighter USB plugs to charge phones. Universal BURY mobile phone accessories are plentiful, as it is a popular, quality brand. These are available from BURY and other companies.