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Baby Activity Mat Entertain your baby in comfort with a baby activity mat from eBay! 

A baby activity mat, or a baby play gym, is a great way to entertain your growing child. Babies can gently and comfortably play on these activity mats, designed to suit from the age of 0-12 months.  

A baby play gym helps to encourage mobility and fine motor skills in infants, and teaches great hand-eye coordination from an early age. This is because infants reach and stretch to play with gadgets and toys that are attached to the gyms. With lots of different textures and a mixture of crinkly, jingly, and other fun musical sounds, they can experience the joy of tactile play. 

Baby play gyms come in a few different and colourful themes to suit your preference, such as beach and tropical, bugs and insects, jungle or safari, and princesses and fairies. Alternatively, you can filter your search by colours such as blue, green, brown, pink, and multi-coloured to find the perfect one for your little bub.  

Some mats are designed for babies to lay on their backs, while others are designed for laying on their tummy to safely spin around and build upper body strength. If you’re worried about lack of barriers, there are baby play gyms with ball pits or cushion barriers to help keep them confined in safety.  

You can also find baby rattles on eBay, as well as educational baby toys to help your child’s cerebral development.  

Find a baby activity mat that your little one will enjoy on eBay today.