A baby keepsake to cherish every moment

Whether it's for your own baby, a baby shower gift for another expecting mum, or something to mark an occasion such as a Christening or a first year, a baby keepsake is the perfect way to treasure those precious early memories.

Baby milestone cards

Perfect photo props that allow you to create a memory that will last forever, baby milestone cards come in packs of between 13 and 30 and are designed to mark the passing of time, allowing you to take a photograph of every new stage from birth to one year.

Put them all together in a photo album and you'll be surprised and delighted to see your baby's progress over that first year of their life.

First curl and tooth holders

A timeless gift for mum and baby, these tiny trinket boxes allow you to keep and cherish physical reminders of your baby, from their first curl, to their first lost baby tooth. Or, if you want to keep more, why not look at a tooth organiser box, which have a designated space for every milk tooth and are beautifully designed and decorated.

Many of these boxes also have spaces for you to record personalised details such as the child's name, birthday, birth weight and date of the first lost tooth.

Hand and footprint keepsakes

There is nothing quite so fragile and beautiful as the tiny hands and feet of a newborn baby, but they grow so quickly it's easy to forget how small they once were. This is what makes hand and footprint sets so popular. Whether you press them into clay or onto heavyweight inkless paper, you will be glad you did as you'll always have those tiny prints to keep.

Other traditional gift ideas for mum and baby include Baby Record books, which allow parents to record every new development such as first smiles, rolls and words, photo frames and albums, blankets, bears and booties. Alternatively, you can look at a range of other baby accessories, to find the perfect gift for your loved one.