Baby Playpens for Safety and Fun

When you're rushed off your feet, or when you just want to relax and have a few minutes peace, you need somewhere welcoming and safe to pop the baby and kids, so you can watch them play while you get other things done. A Baby Playpen provides a great, fun solution for keeping toddlers out of mischief and puts their safety first. For smaller babies and new-borns, portable travel cots or portacots are a great alternative to a full-size playpen.

Big brands and bright colours

The listings offer a wide range of Playpen facilities, including offerings from Jolly Kidz, Valco, Dream-Baby, Fisher Price, TikkTokk, and many more, so you can shop with confidence. For picky kids, the design might be your priority, so you will also find a range of colours and finishes, from natural timber to multi-coloured plastic panels. If you know exactly what you're looking for you can head straight for the brand or the colour but if not, have a browse and see what inspires you.

Playpen panels for a perfect fit

If your new playpen needs to fit in a limited space, look for a design that comes with separate panels. These can be easily clicked and locked together in a range of shapes, meaning you can create a safe area for your child in any room, regardless of the design. These simple panels can be clicked together in a range of shapes and sizes to create a baby playpen that fits your available space or room shape.

Fun features

From simple panels to interactive accessories, the choice when it comes to playpen features is extensive. Some have built-in toys, including lift and dial telephones, interactive gears, clock pointers, and sound matching books. Other common playpen features include mesh panels instead of bars, which are perfect for filling with ball pool balls, feet that stick to tiled or laminate floorings to foil escape attempts, and lightweight panels, so you can easily move the playpen indoors and outdoors as required.