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Soft Baby Toys for Ages 0-12 Months

Even though babies don’t have the capabilities to do much other than the basics, interacting with them and engaging them in small play helps them socialize and develop their brains. There are a variety of baby toys from ages 0-12 months. While many of these toys are simple in design, they promote the baby to learn how to play and explore. Soft toys for babies are beneficial as they can be multiply purpose. Many stroller toys that hang from a car seat handle are great toys as they are soft for snuggling but also have engaging items attached to them, such as mirrors, teething rings, squeakers and crinkle sounds. Stuffed animals and lovey’s are another good baby toy. These toys are excellent for snuggling but a baby can also grow into them and keep them for years. Rattles also come as soft, plush toy, excellent as four month old baby toys, these are easy for babies to shake and play with by themselves.

Ball Toys for Babies

Ball toys are another great option to stimulate a baby’s brain. Many balls vary in texture, which helps with their sensory stimulation. Other play balls have sound makers inside of them such as crinkle paper, bells or rattles. Some ball toys for babies are made of rubber or plastic and have cutouts for babies to easily grip. Foam balls are another good soft toy for babies to play with. Balls are a great and easy toy for babies. Playing catch and rolling them back and forth are great ways to interact and pass the time.

Developmental Toys for Babies

As babies continue to grow and their brains need constant stimulation, developmental toys are a good idea to engage your baby with. Some of the educational baby toys for ages 0-12 months include basic puzzle toys, stacking cups, activity centres as well as young electronic toys. Many of these toys are brightly coloured and playing fun, upbeat music to entertain your baby. Additionally, many of the puzzle toys and activity centres have multiple activities within them to constantly keep your babies attention. Choosing the right developmental toy is key for the right age of your baby. A toy that is too young will cause your baby to lose interest pretty quickly, while choosing a toy that may be too old for your baby will make your baby frustrated if they don’t understand how it works.

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