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Get the kids back to school, stress-free with eBay

It’s that time of the year again. You’ve just had six weeks of holiday bliss (ahem) with the kids at home and now it’s time to get them ready to go back to school. Another year of school sports, excursions, homework … and another year where your kids grow at a seemingly miraculous rate, and the school shoes you bought last week don’t seem to fit anymore.

No one ever said school days were easy, but shopping for back to school is made easier thanks to eBay.

Variety in shopping

From stationery to uniforms, lunch boxes to electronics, the needs of each child for the school year changes depending on their age. For the preppies, you’ll generally only need the basics, some pens and pencils, a few books to learn to write in, scissors and paper to share with the class. By grade four or five, they’re going to need access to things like calculators and ring binders; and come to high school, you’re going to need to fork out for iPads and tablets, headsets and items specific to their chosen classes.

eBay is your one-stop-shop for everything back to school, and you’ll save money by shopping around for the best prices. Start shopping early and you can even get products from overseas!

The school essentials

If you’re getting in early and you’re not quite sure what books and pens your child is going to need for school, you can start by shopping for the essentials. It’s never too early to be prepared!

Children need a backpack, and eBay has a range of packs available to suit all ages; from a laptop bags for high schoolers, to bright and colourful bags with matching water bottles for Kindy. And speaking of water bottles, you’ll find top brand names like Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen if you’re after a quality brand, or you can shop generic and find water bottles that are affordable and available in a range of sizes.

Another must-have item for all school children is a lunchbox and given the heat in Australia can be horrendous when school starts back, insulated cooler lunchboxes are particularly popular. Bento Boxes allow you to create a variety of food, while carry bags can also protect your child’s meal from heat, cold, wet weather and even bugs.

Shop for everything you need for a successful year of school with eBay. Browse through the items online or choose your category to find what you’re looking for.