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The backhoe loader is a versatile piece of equipment that combines three uses into one. It is made up of a backhoe, loader and tractor to carry out a range of tasks with ease. Each section of the backhoe loader is suited to particular construction jobs and is regularly used to tackle large projects with ease.

There are a variety of backhoe options to choose from including both new and used condition. They are designed for strength, durability and heavy workloads so are ideal if you are looking to replace or upgrade your backhoe equipment.

A backhoe fixes itself to the back of many commercial tractors to help with a range of agricultural tasks.

Backhoe uses

The backhoe part of the equipment is made up of three parts. It consists of a strong arm at the back of the machinery that makes short work of digging tasks. These agriculture machines are especially handy for excavating ditches as the stabiliser legs can hold the equipment in place whilst it tilts and turns to complete the jobs, giving you excellent control.

Hydraulic power

A backhoe loader offers a robust piece of equipment for shifting dirt and gravel at an impressive rate. This power is driven by hydraulics which pumps liquid around to move the pistons. You'll find a selection of hydraulic backhoe loaders and individual backhoe components available offering a useful construction tool.

Backhoe accessories

If you are looking for parts or extra components to fit the backhoe, there is a selection of items to choose from. Popular equipment includes the use of extension forks which allow the movement of larger goods quicker and easier. These come in a variety of sizes too and are attached to the bucket section. To preserve the life of the backhoe and bucket, there is also a selection of spray paint and rust guard products to help provide some extra protection against wear and tear of the equipment and contact with grease, oils and diesel.

Thanks to their versatile nature, backhoes are becoming common farming and agriculture products popping up across the country.

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