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Caravan Bagged Awnings

Going out with the caravan is the greatest thing ever, but it would be nice if it were just a little bit bigger. A slightly larger caravan can be a lot more expensive though, and harder to find a place for at home. Alternatively, you can get a collapsible awning for your caravan or camper van which will expand your living space significantly. And when you’re not using it, you can just store it in the bag in a corner of your garage.

Awn and Annex

A lot of these awnings can also double as a caravan annex. Or, arguably, the annex can double as an awning. You can either have the sides put up to allow air to move around freely, using the awning as shelter from the sun, or you can have the sides down to help keep some warmth in and sit outside the caravan but also not directly in the weather. Awnings can also help preserve your privacy on a crowded campsite, keeping people from looking directly into your caravan without keeping sunlight out. Keep in mind that it won’t really protect you from water, so camp on higher ground to keep rain from coming underneath if at all possible.


So you can keep your awning or annex in a bag in your garage when you’re not using it, but you can’t keep the caravan itself in a bag, right? Well, you’re wrong there! Sort of. With a caravan cover you can keep your caravan dirt free and waterproof while you’ve got it put away. Ideal for those long winter months when there’s zero chance of using it. Well, it’s sort of a bag anyway.

Size Matters

Like with other caravan parts and accessories, everything doesn’t always go neatly together. The listing should say if the product is specifically compatible with certain caravans, but even if it’s made to go on any caravan, you’ll still need to make sure the size actually matches or else it won’t actually do a very good job of keeping the weather out.

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