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Bahco Spanners

Dedicated DIY fans probably have tens of different spanners or wrenches that can loosen and tighten any kind of nut. There is a special tool for each occasion, and you do need more than one to succeed in all repair and building jobs. However, with the many types available, finding the right one might seem like a daunting task. Bahco has been producing useful tools since 1886 and offers many useful Bahco spanner and wrench sets to round out your toolbox.

Adjustable Spanners

Adjustable Bahco spanners are by far the most versatile tools, as you can regulate the size of their jaws to fit any nut or bolt. If you do not want too many tools inside your toolbox, adjustable spanners can be a good choice because they take up less space. Bahco offers adjustable spanners in many sizes, and some include other useful tools on the other end, such as a hook.

Torque Spanners

Bahco torque wrenches or spanners are useful in situations where you have to control the tightening force to ensure that the fitting holds firmly. To use a torque spanner, you need to attach the right-sized socket, so choose the right torque value, and start turning. Bahco makes both mechanical and electronic torque spanners, and many have interchangeable heads for ease of use.

Ratcheting Spanners

Compact and convenient ratcheting spanners contain a certain mechanism that speeds up the loosening or tightening. This takes the pressure off your hands, so you can work longer. You do not have to disengage the spanner from the fitting when turning it. Bahco offers several sizes of ratcheting spanners, and you can also purchase them in sets.

Combination Spanners

If you have enough room in your toolbox and money to spend, you can purchase several sets of different spanners. You could have a separate set of open end and ring end spanners, for instance. However, you can also choose combination spanners with different types of tools on each end. These offer the advantages of both common types and help save some storage space.

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