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Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Baitcaster Fishing Reels

When you’re looking for more accuracy when using heavy lures, you’ll likely want to consider a baitcaster reel rather than a traditional spinning reel. Not only do baitcaster fishing reels typically hold more line than standard fishing reels, there is no bale arm to catch the line when making long casts, saving you time untangling knots.


If you’re just getting started with fishing, standard a fishing reel provides you a good all-round solution, but when you need more control over casting distances, a low-profile baitcaster is a better bet. The line is on a horizontal spool, meaning when you cast, the energy you put into the cast carries the line, so instead of flicking your bale arm over, you can use your finger or the double handle to stop it immediately.


Low-profile baitcasters usually hold less line than high-profile models, suiting them better to freshwater use where less line is necessary. However, you’ll likely need a high-profile reel if you’re heading out for some deep sea fishing. Ergonomic reels are comfortable no matter how much you use them. When using lures during freshwater fishing, repeat casting is essential, making ergonomic designs the best option for reduced risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Saltwater vs. Freshwater

Whether you’re fishing lakes or the open sea, you want a reel that lasts. Salt is tough on metal reel components, so saltwater baitcasting fishing reels are the best choice, because their stainless steel and other construction resists salt corrosion. That’s not to say freshwater baitcasting fishing reels are inferior metals, it is simply that anglers generally use lighter weight metals to increase accuracy when there is a smaller casting area when fishing lakes.


Most reels come with complete manufacturer warranties that guard against losses from any manufacturer defects. This is particularly useful for the replacement of moving parts like gears and bearings, which are durable and hardwearing for years of use.

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