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Everything you need to know about Bamboo Cutting Boards

A Bamboo Cutting board is a brilliant addition to your family kitchen. These chopping boards are easy to clean, non porous meaning that bacteria finds it difficult to multiply, whilst being environmentally friendly.

Why should I use a Bamboo Cutting Board?

A regular chopping board is likely to absorb moisture, allowing bacteria to grow and eventually lead to the board splitting or cracking due to water-logging, not to mention being unhygenic. Bamboo is naturally water resistant and incredibly durable, the likelihood of penetrating your board with a sharp knife or incurring cracking to your board is drastically lower than alternative Cutting Boards. Albeit, over time you may find that occasionally small fractures can appear due to daily use on your bamboo board, but treating your board drastically reduces the likelihood of this.

How do I treat my chopping board?

In order to preserve the life of your chopping board, finding a Preservative Free Mineral Oil will preserve the life of your board, protecting it from aforementioned small fractures, whilst ensuring a sanitary place to prepare your food. All you have to do is make sure that your board is completely dry and then rub the oil onto your board every 3 to 4 weeks, mineral oils are better than alternative oils due to the longer shelf life, reducing the likelihood of the oil spoiling.

What Should I know before getting a Bamboo Cutting Board?

Don't put your bamboo chopping board in the dishwasher, unlike plastic cutting boards that can withstand high temperatures without getting warped, water-logging your bamboo board and with detergent in the dishwasher, will reduce the life of your board. The best way to look after your board is to wipe the surface with a damp cloth and a minimal amount of detergent, then thoroughly drying your board, and utilising mineral oil once a month.

Where Can I Get a Bamboo Board?

Across eBay you will find a vast and reasonable selection of bamboo cutting boards from various brands, whether you require a board for your wine and cheese evenings or for your everyday meal preparations, you'll find what you need.
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