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Once originating in Asia, bamboo door curtains have found popularity all over the world as decorative, functional alternatives to traditional blinds and flyscreens, bringing feelings of culture and warmth to otherwise dull spaces. Some uses of bamboo curtains include:

Partition rooms and spaces

If you live or work in an open space, studio type area, bamboo curtains are great for partitioning off rooms where there are no dividing walls in a non-intrusive manner. Some people have even used them creatively as bed curtains and changing rooms. The strings of bamboo beads can be tied to the side easily for complete openness.

Art in a doorway

On eBay you'll find many different designs of bamboo door curtains. Choose something subtle and plain in a solid colour that blends in with existing decor, or liven up your living space by choosing from the broad range of artistic designs featuring birds and animals, nature and landscape scenery, symbols and objects that reflect your personality or the feel of the room. Giving rise to their Asian origin, some of the most popular designs invoke symbols of Asian culture, history and religion. Alternatively, instead of in a doorway, you can always wall hang a bamboo curtain as a unique looking art decor piece.

Insect deterrent

Bamboo door curtains make great flyscreen door substitutes for frequently used doorways, allowing you to walk in and out without having to open a door each time. They allow fresh air, light and people to pass through with ease, but reduce insect intrusion significantly compared to an open doorway.

Always keep in mind that long strings of beads can present a danger of entanglement and care should be given to installing them in places where children may be left unattended.

If bamboo doesn't do it for you, take a look at eBay's broader range of door curtains and window curtains. There are thousands of listings which can be filtered by material, colour, type, length and width to find the perfect curtains for your application. Check them out today!

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