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String Banjos

A banjo is a stringed musical instrument which is very popular among folk, country and bluegrass music lovers. Banjos are available in 4, 5 and 6 string variants and playing style and harmony range of each stringed banjo is different. Banjos originated from tribes of Africa but are now different variants of string banjos are played in different regions of the world. String banjos are used in coordination with acoustic guitars and jazz instruments to create slow and soothing tones. The body of the string banjo is circular and is usually made of metal or wood and the head is made of plastic or animal skin.

Types of String Banjos

Modern banjos are available in three variants; 4 string banjo, 5 string banjo and 6 string banjo. 6 string banjos are quite similar to guitars but their acoustics and melody produced is deeper. Newer designs of banjos also have a metal tuning and tone ring which helps in managing the sound of the banjo. String banjos are strung with either metal strings, gut strings or nylon strings. Some string banjos also have a resonator attached to the back frame to produce a richer sound. Open back banjos do not have a resonator due to which they weigh less and their sound is mellow. The price of the string banjo depends on the quality and tuning of the strings, the material used in the head, and the body. Vintage designs with animal and wood detailing are usually more expensive. Banjo prices also differ according to the type of resonator attached. Prices of vintage banjos are also higher due to the traditional material used in their making.

String Banjo Cases

Banjos are delicate and precious devices and they should be stored and carried in their proper cases so that they remain safe from accidents. Cases of string banjos are usually made of leather or synthetic fabrics. The case needs to be strong and sturdy to provide good fit and protection for the banjo.

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