Barber Shop & Shaving Collectables

Barber Shop and Shaving Collectables

Whether youre a present or previous owner of a barber shop or you merely find shaving collectables interesting, barber shop and shaving collectables are prized by many and hold steady resale value. Whether youre looking for vintage poles and signs or you want to collect the razors themselves, there are many different types of collectables to add to your ensemble.

Barber Poles

A familiar sight for anyone young or old, a used barber pole is a highly collectable item. Its value may depend on location or nostalgia, but nearly any type of vintage barber pole looks great in your own shop, in a game room or even as part of your outdoor décor.

Barber Signs

Similarly to barber poles, older signs hold different interest levels for different people. For example, if youre from a certain area, youd much rather love an old barber shop sign from your hometown, especially if you went there as a child. Signs in good condition look great as part of your wall décor, as decoration in your family room or even hung outdoors. Barber shop memorabilia gives a vintage, rustic look.

Collectable Razors

When it comes to vanity, perfume and shaving collectables, shaving collectables are by far the most popular. Perhaps this is because theyre small and easy to ship, but each collectable razor holds a story as well. Look for vintage straight cut throat-shaving razors, just like ones youd see in vintage films or open comb safety razors that are several decades old. Some of the throat-shaving razors will have extra features, such as gold or silver plating.

Blades and Brushes

A reminder of how grooming used to be in past centuries, barber tools like blades and brushes are popular collectables, just like razor and razor blades. Look for brushes with a wooden handle, with an included ceramic dish or cup. Another shaving collectable thats popular with collectors is the razor sharpener. This wooden-handled product looks somewhat like an old paddle, and usually comes complete with a strap.