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Sensual and sophisticated, the Bardot brand launched in 1996 and continues to grow in size and quality. The Australian fashion brand has more than 1,000 styles of clothing and is loved by women world-wide.

Whether you’re heading out on the town with your friends, exploring a new relationship during a first date, off to work in the city office, or you’re heading to the beach or park for a day of adventure – Bardot Australia has you covered. There are dresses in every style and length, tops that stand out in the crowd, swimwear for the summer and jumpers for the winter. You’ll find a range of sizes, from XS through to L, size 6 to size 16. 

Popular for ladies' design, Bardot Australia encapsulates style and expression, leading the way in women’s clothing. One of Australia’s most well-known brands, Bardot continues to bring stunning designs into the forefront of fashion – including dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and more!

Don the open shoulder black Nikki dress or longline Lipstick Wrap Dress if you’re heading out on the town and jaws are guaranteed to drop. The floral designed Ruffled Sheath Dress will see you stand out amongst the crowd , or you might opt for the Swing Off-The-Shoulder Blouse or Puffy Sleeve crop top with a casual pair of shorts or jeans for a day of shopping or fun with friends. The options are abundant!

Bardot also recently launched their Junior collection, which allows you to share the brand you love with your children. Quality clothing and gorgeous styles await.

Here are some of our favourites:

Bardot Women’s Dresses

Every wardrobe needs a Bardot dress. There’s no doubt about it! Whether you prefer pastel colours or polka dots, flowers or chic black, Bardot has a design to suit. There are dresses for every occasion, in every colour, but how do you choose a colour? One great way to determine which colour scheme will look great every time, is to figure out what your skin tone is. Sounds complicated, but its quite simple. If the veins on your wrist have a blue or purple tone, you have cool skin. Green and your skin tone is warm. If your skin is cool, choose ocean-toned colours, including ice blue, deep purples and emerald. 

For warm skin tones, go for earthy colours such as coral and olive. Another great way to choose a stunning dress is to find a style that suits your body type. If you have an hourglass shaped body, you want to highlight your curves, get a size that fits so its not baggy, and accentuate your breasts with a V-neck dress. For a pear-shaped body, wear dark colours on the bottom half and bright tops, with a bateau neckline. Apple shaped? Go for V-necks and A-line dresses. Avoid bulky tops. And if you want to create curves where there are none (for rectangular bodies), wrap dresses and ruffles will work wonders.

Bardot Women’s Coats and Jackets

Prepping for the colder months? Bardot’s range of coats and jackets includes something for everyone. There’s knit jumpers and cardigans, waterfall jackets and off-the-shoulder knits. Just to name a few. When it comes to choosing the right jacket for you, consider the weather you’ll be wearing it in. If you’re in Queensland, you might not want something too thick – and the opposite goes if you’re in Tasmania! The good thing about Bardot is that they offer a style to suit everyone! You’ll find an abundance of materials options, including cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester and viscose. It’s really just a matter of finding something comfortable, in a colour you love!

Bardot Swimwear

From halter necks to high cut bikini bottoms, triangle tops to bandeau, shorts or skirt bottoms, to low-cut options. When it comes to choosing the right swimwear for summer, Bardot has you covered. Need a few tips? Choose a size that fits! Most swimwear fabrics tend to stretch over time, so you want to stay true to your size when choosing a style. You could even go down a size if you want the swimsuit to last for a few seasons to come. Draw attention to your upper body with bright coloured tops and solid bottoms; or bring some life to your lower body with sarongs and bright coloured bikini bottoms.

Bardot Shorts

Shorts are a fantastic addition to any summer wardrobe, showing off your gorgeous legs while helping you stay cool in the summer. The Bardot shorts range are comfortable, and are available in a range of materials and lengths. Heading to the beach? You might want to try a pair of Bardot hot pants! Off to play a round of tennis? High waisted cotton shorts might be the key! And of course, denim shorts will never go out of fashion. From cotton blends to polyester designs, culottes to short shorts; there’s a style and size to suit most.

Bardot Suits

You’ll stand out amongst the crowds in the office or corporate function with a stunning Bardot suit. There are a range of styles and colours available, not to mention sizes to suit. For those of you who prefer to look chic, a waterfall blazer with wool blend will look professional and stylish – it’s suitable to wear during the day or night! A classic blazer will smarten up any outfit, perfect for keeping at your desk in case the boss wants to meet; or you might like to shop for a wide legs pant suit that is ideal for work meetings; or even a day at the races! 

The Bardot range is comprehensive and designed to last. It not only includes dresses and suits, shorts and swimwear, but you can also shop for a full range of shoes and other accessories. Bardot bags match every outfit, sunglasses add a chic touch to your outfit, and belts will accentuate basic shades of dress or pants. Shop on eBay and you’ll find an exhaustive range of clothing for all body types. Dresses for the summer, suits for work, jackets for winter. You’ll look and feel amazing all year round.