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Awesome barware for your home bar

If you are the kind that enjoys the freedom of calm drinking at home or perhaps a house party or two, these toolkits will give your home bar a wow feel.

For wine and beer enthusiasts, you can grab your own beer and winemakers or go for the durable cocktail shakers to make smooth cocktails at home or for parties. With the barware dispensers and bar flasks, serving your beer has never been easier.

Beer and Wine Making

Entertain your mates with professionally made beer or wine with a stainless steel or copper home distiller kit. Coming in a range of sizes, these are powerful bar tools that make winemaking easier and faster. If spirits are your prefered drink, you can also use some of these bar tools to make brandy, whisky or vodka, with the distiller barware.

For beginners, you can look out for wine and beer making sets which come with all the ingredients and tools to make the drinks yourself with ease. Alternatively, should you have all the barware already, you should buy the wine or beer making supplies and ingredients separately to make new homemade drinks.

Cocktail Shakers Sets

If youre having a house party, dinner party or just some friends round for a casual evening, what better way to entertain your friends or family than with some homemade cocktails.

Cocktail shaker sets come with all the barware utensils to make a range of cocktails from mojitos, espresso martinis to an old-fashioned. Serrated edged ice tongs make it easy and stress-free to serve ice cubes, whilst longer mixing spoons make it easier to stir deeper drinks.

Bar Flasks

For ideal beer, wine and spirit storage, you have a variety of bar flasks to choose from. If you are looking for a gift for your best man, friend or family members then a flask makes for the ideal present. Consider personalising these to make it an extra special gift for milestone birthdays or momentous occasions.