Bath Bombs and Fizzies

There’s nothing like ending a hot, tiring day in a bathtub full of fizzing, colourful, fragrant froth. Bath bombs add a lot more than just bubbles, too. Many varieties of bath bombs and fizzies use essential oils for fragrance and skin treatment, so you’re left feeling and smelling good after a well-earned bath. You won’t be wanting in colours, either. When you plop down a bath bomb, its colours dissipate, often in psychedelic ways that will leave you staring at the water transfixed.


Some of the more popular ones are coconut bath bombs and fizzies, which engulf the bathroom in lovely fragrances that will take you to your favorite tropical beach when you close your eyes. Because they use coconut ingredients, you also get the benefits that coconut oil imparts on your skin. Many of these use a combination of coconut with vanilla, hazelnut, and other essential oils for a heavenly bath experience.

Rose Bath Bombs

Rose bath bombs and fizzies give off the classic scent of a bouquet of these flowers and should help ease the tensions of the day. They use essential rose oils and epsom salt as the main ingredients, often including other subtle fragrances to give it a relaxing dimension, much like perfume does.

Shapes and sizes

Bath bombs are powder mixtures packed tightly into a mold, so there is virtually an unlimited number of shapes for them to come in. They typically come in 60-gram pieces, but other manufacturers offer larger bombs for an extra fizzy experience. Additionally, colours are basically innumerable, so you can have fun shopping around for your favorite ones. The fragrances available are equally plentiful. This makes bath bombs and fizzies ideal for aromatherapy because of the sheer number of relaxing fragrances to buy. With so much variation, it’s easy to get addicted and looking forward to the next bath.