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Bath Spout

Bath Spouts

Like the faucet or tap on your sink, bath spouts control the flow of water coming into your bathtub. While some may think choosing a spout is simply a matter of taste, there are a few aspects that set them apart from each other. For instance, their lengths can vary widely, so it’s best to know how much clearance you have to work with to choose the best plumbing taps and mixers for your bathroom setup.

Waterfall Spouts

Stylish, practical, and just darn fun to look at, waterfall bath spouts impart a modern look to your bathtub or sink. If you have a minimalist style going on, with matte black or white modern design cues in the decor, cabinets, and other fixtures, then a black wall-mounted waterfall spout can be the highlight of your bath. Also suitable for sinks, these spouts give off a smooth, wide, laminar flow of water that is serene.

Matte Taps

Add a modern look to your bath with a set of black matte finish steel taps for the sink. The arch design is ideal for achieving plenty of clearance between the sink bottom and the spout, thereby giving you more freedom of movement especially when washing something like a face towel. The modern right-angle spout design is simple but elegant. It consists of a pipe running from the base and turning sharply outward toward your sink. The corner features a tap that can gradually control water flow when lifted upward.

Diverter Spouts

Bath spout diverters are multifunctional options that shift water pressure to another line of pipes connected to other devices like sprayers and showers. They work just like a tap, but have a little handle that you can pull to shut off the flow from the spout to allow water pressure transfer to the other connected fixtures.

Shower Heads

Working in tandem with diverter spouts and taps, shower heads allow the user an option between using the bathtub or taking a shower. Showers are often quicker and more efficient with water use, so shower heads are good for water conservation, especially in such a dry country as Australia.

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