If you're renovating your bathroom, or even just sprucing it up a little, a simple but high quality shaving cabinet will make all the difference in terms of practicality and aesthetic. eBay has a huge inventory of options so you can find one that suits your style and space quickly and easily.

The importance of a shaving cabinet with a mirror

A shaving cabinet or mirror medicine cabinet serves the dual purpose of a bathroom mirror and a storage space for shaving gear, toothbrushes, medicine and other small bathroom bits and pieces you don't want to lose. A mirror medicine cabinet won't intrude into the space of the bathroom at all. In fact, the mirror will make the room seem larger if anything!

Tips for buying a shaving cabinet online

Make sure you read the extended product listing details carefully in order to check the height, width and depth of the shaving cabinet so you can make sure that it is suitable for your bathroom. This is particularly important if your tap and faucet fittings will be set directly in front of the mirror medicine cabinet, as you need to make sure that the cabinet can be hung high enough to open fully without hitting them.

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