Battery Chargers and Docks for Sony Cameras

Battery Chargers and Docks for Sony

Sony has a number of handheld personal cameras available for everyone from professionals to amateurs. However, in order to keep these Sony cameras up and running the way they should, it is important to have camera battery chargers that work specifically for these products. Not all camera batteries are the same and not all Sony products use the same charger, so it is important to know how to find the right charger to fit the bill.

Choosing the Right Battery Charger

You should never assume that all Sony cameras require the same battery. Depending on the type of battery and the style of camera, different products not only take different battery models, but different types of batteries altogether. If you are not sure what type of battery your Sony camera requires and no longer have the old camera, you can contact Sony directly for information about which batteries work for its product. From there, you can start browsing for battery chargers.

Plug-In Chargers

Some Sony cameras have an outward facing power plug on them. This is how you charge the battery on these cameras, but it doesnt mean that you need to remove the battery in order to get a charge. This still takes just as long as charging a battery in a cradle and, unlike mobile phones, you typically cant use the camera while the battery is charging. If you see this power plug-in on the exterior of your camera, then it means your camera likely requires this type of charger and you will simply need the right cord in order to charge your Sony camera.

Camera Charging Cradles

Camera charging cradles are perhaps the most popular way to charge any Sony camera These camera charging cradles for Sony cameras require you to take the camera battery out of the camera and to rest it inside the coordinating cradle. Typically, a light will go on indicating that the battery is properly attached to the cradle and is charging properly.

Portable Sony Camera Chargers

Some Sony camera chargers actually come in portable models so you dont need to physically plug it into the wall in order to get a charge. Perhaps the most popular type of portable camera charger is the camera battery car chargers for Sony. These chargers will plug directly into your car, usually through a lighter outlet so that you can charge your camera while you are on the go.